SvanPC++ software

SvanPC++ is an advanced PC software supporting SVANTEK measuring instruments including SV10x, SVAN95x and SVAN97x series. Functionalities and extended capabilities implemented in this advanced application make each SVANTEK device an easy in use and complete measuring system.
In order to give users the perfectly customized, powerful and sophisticated tool, SvanPC++ software has been divided for several specialized modules distinguished by application fields.

The main module is free of charge and provides functions such as measurement data downloading from instruments to PC, measurement setups creating, basic Leq/RMS recalculation, measurement results in text, table and graphical form of presentation, export data to spread sheet or text editor applications.
Base version of SvanPC++ can be extended with payable modules: Environmental Monitoring,  Building Acoustic or Remote Communication.



  • Easy download of measurement data to PC
  • Total Leq / RMS recalculation
  • Quick reporting tool
  • Presentation results: text, table and graphic format
  • Advanced customisation of each view
  • Creation of measurement setups
  • Merging of measurement files