Supervisor Software

Supervisor is the PC software package dedicated for health and safety specialists. Software supports the whole family of Svantek instruments dedicated to health and safety market including the BIG TRIO: SVAN 971, SV 104 and SV 106.
Each instrument connected to the Supervisor is remembered enabling automatic creation of instruments’ database containing important information such as uploaded settings and firmware version, calibration validity date or instrument clock time. Intuitive tools for data organization upon downloading provide folder-structured database as well as files tagging by locations, users or tasks capabilities. Downloaded data files are automatically categorized by measurement time and assigned to the instrument’s serial number enabling fast & easy data browsing. In practice this means no more time-consuming data search through PC storage.
Supervisor software adjusts itself to the user’s requirements. In case of simple applications that require analysis of only main results such as LAeq, LAFmax or LCpeak, Supervisor offers quick previews and reporting without necessity of data files opening. More advanced applications are handled within sessions where user decides on the type of analysis to be performed.
Those who create noise or vibration reports on a daily basis will appreciate possibility of creating report templates, which once created can be applied to series of measurement files. Whenever necessary user can select data files and create personalized reports with couple of clicks.



Hand-arm vibration panel with Supervisor software


  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Easy measurement database management and browsing
  • Very convenient and fast report generation with templates
  • Powerful tools for data analysis


Main applications:

  • Noise dosimetry
    • Exceedance data presentation
    • Noise exposure recalculations to ISO 9612
    • Hearing protection adjustment to ISO 4869-2
    • What-if analysis
  • Vibration dosimetry
    • Hand-Arm dose recalculations to ISO 5349-2
    • Whole-Body dose recalculations to ISO 2631-1
  • Sound level measurements
    • Time history recalculations with possibility of break-time and disturbance removal
    • 1/1 and 1/3 octave band sound analysis