Adash supplies wide range of accessories needed for your vibration measurements

We offer wide range of acceleration sensors. Single axis sensors are available with most common 100 mV/g sensitivity and 10, 50, 500 mV/g sensitivity. Triaxial acceleration sensor compatible with VA3Pro, VA4Pro, VA5Pro and A4404 available too.

In order to measure for example Orbit measurements, we are able to supply proximity probes (eddy current probes) which measures displacement.



laser speed probes and magnetic stands for speed probes

velocity sensors

Ultrasound microphone, ICP microphones

force hammers (impact hammers)

current clamp meter for motor current signature analysis (MCSA)

different types of magnetic bases for sensors such as flat or for curved surfaces

measurement pads (magnet targets) with flat surface, with a thread for permanent sensor installation and masurement pads for installation into motor ribs

junction boxes, coiled cables, straight cables with any lenght on demand

connectors and connector adapters on demand