SvanPC++ Environmental Monitoring Module

SvanPC++ Environmental Monitoring module is designed for processing data from any noise or vibration measurements including data from long period unattended environmental monitoring. For time-history data analysis the software provides all necessary functionalities such as unwanted periods marking and removing or processing them separately, recalculation of original time-history records into longer intervals, calculation of number of parameters and presentation these results in text, table and graphic form.

Additionally, the module provides a reporting tool which allows any combination of data to be placed on a report. Project functionality easies the management of data stored in various file types, gathered across given measurement activity, like measurement data, calculation results, views, photos, graphics, pictures and report templates.



Data analysis and recalculations:

  • Leq, SEL, Min, Max, Lmin, Lmax, Max(Max), Max(Peak), Ltm5, Tm5
  • Total RMS, Total VDV, Vector (RMS & Peak), Lmin, Lmax, Max(Max), Max(Peak)
  • Statistics (LN, histogram)
  • Day / evening / night noise level
  • Markers for events identification
  • Spectrum averaging, Min, Max
  • Peak and harmonics detection in FFT result files
  • Tonality analysis based on FFT and 1/3 octave result files
  • Impulsivity analysis according to UNI/BS 9432:2002

Data management:

  • Projects (results, views, calculations, pictures and other files)
  • Time-history data cutting
  • Saving views on data
  • Reporting with schemes (Microsoft Word™ required)