SV 81 General Purpose Accelerometer 500 mV/g

SV 81 General Purpose Accelerometer 500 mV/g The epoxy sealed piezoelectric accelerometer model SV 81 is used in the petrochemical, machine tool, and paper industries for monitoring of slow speed agitators, cooling towers, etc. It incorporates a low-pass filter within the conditioning electronic. This filter attenuates the sensor mechanical resonance and the associated distortion and overload. Annular shear mode is less susceptible to transverse vibrations and better immune to electronic saturation at high frequencies. Low noise electronic and a temperature compensated design gives the accurate result over the complete temperature range.



SV 81 General Purpose Accelerometer Specification



Number of axis 1
Sensitivity (± 5 %) 50 mV/(ms-2) ~ 500 mV/g
Measurement range 0.002 ms-2 rmS ÷ 100 ms-2 PEAK
Frequency response (by design guideline, ± 3 db) 0.2 Hz ÷ 3 700 Hz
Linearity ± 1 %
Residual noise (1 Hz, 24°C) 2.4 μg rmS
Residual noise (1 Hz to 25 kHz, 24°C) 25 μg rmS
Transverse response sensitivity (20 Hz, 50 m/s2) < 5 %
Resonant frequency 16 kHz


Electrical grounding isolated from machine grounding
Isolation (Case to Shield) > 100 mΩ
Capacitance to ground (Nominal) 70 pF
Supply current 2 mA ÷ 10 mA
Supply voltage 22 V ÷ 28 V
Bias voltage +12 VdC
Output impedance (Nominal) 50 Ω
Charge / discharge time constant (start-up time) < 10 sec. typ.

Environmental Conditions:

Maximum vibration (shock survival) 50 000 ms-2 Peak
Thermal sensitivity coefficient 0.1 %/oC F.S.
Operating temperature range from -55 °C to +90 °C
Operating temperature range (recommended) from -10 °C to +50 °C
Humidity / Enclosure IP67, epoxy sealed


Connector TNC socket, top radially mounted
Material housing & connector Stainless steel
Mounting thread 10-32 uNF 2b
Weight 44 grams


Mounting stud 10-32 to M5 (included)
SA 27/10-32 Mounting magnet base (optional)
SC 27 Coil cable TNC plug – TNC plug, 2 meters (optional)

*Continuous product development and innovation are the policy of our company. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice.