L-706 Small-Bore Alignment Laser System

Hamar Laser’s L-706SM Small-Bore Laser Alignment System is highly accurate and unparalleled for ease of use. It has been designed to work on very-small, bore-diameter applications to work with our 4×4 mm PSD targets. It is used primarily on short length, small diameter applications, such as heat exchangers, tube-sheet bore straightness measurements and large caliber gun barrel straightness. The L-706SM may be used at distances up to 15 ft (4.5 m).

System Highlights

  • Fast: 15-minute setup time. Measure each bore in seconds!
  • Easy: Customized self-centering bore targets are easy to insert into tight spaces and do not need to be inverted to calculate results.
  • Simple to learn: Use simple X-Y readouts to view the data. No “black boxes” needed!
  • Versatile: For diameters from .75 to 2.0 in. (17.75 to 50.8 mm). Larger bore IDs can be accommodated with our other self-centering bore targets: A-510, A-512 and A-516.
  • Bore9 Software: Record bore alignment and calculate straightness data using Windows-based Bore9 Software, and provide printed reports.